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What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce

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Digital Camera Cleaning and Maintenance

postCleaning Lenses, Sensors, Mirrors…

Digital camera cleaning and maintenance is something many photographers (including myself) neglect to do with sometimes costly consequences.

It is too easy to come home after a days shooting, whip out the memory card, have a play with your new images and forget all about maintenance of your kit.

If you are like me, anything new that I buy over time (car, motorbike, watch, glasses etc), get cleaned immaculately at least once a day. Then after a few weeks it falls to once a week or so and then just “on the odd occasion” or when they look really dirty.

Because photography is my livelihood, I have to physically make myself grab my camera bag, go and sit somewhere quiet and take a good half an hour to an hour after a shoot to clean every piece of equipment that I have used.

This kit has cost thousands and its cleanliness has a direct bearing on the quality of my images and the longevity of its use. Not only that but as I

Beginning Digital Photography

postSo you have bought a DSLR (Digital SLR)…now what?

You are beginning digital photography and have just joined the world of the “keen amateur photographer” and bought yourself a new Digital SLR, but what do all those bits and buttons actually do?

The way things were going with pricing and technology with regard to digital cameras, I saw a definite boom about to happen with regard to Digital SLR sales back in 2004. Now a good few years on I couldn’t have been more right!

For people who have previously owned film cameras or simple point and shoot digital cameras, and now as prices start to fall for the more exclusive semi professional DSLR’s, the opportunity to join the rest of us in the exciting world of the DSLR (Digital SLR) is more affordable than ever when beginning digital photography.

This new breed of cameras is quite simply amazing and I sometimes despair when I read reviews and forum comments that air their disappointment when a new camera just released hasn’t addressed the issue of “having to go to the menu” to

Learning to See Creatively

postDeveloping a creative eye is about seeing things in a different way; a personal visual opinion rather than obvious point of view.

When we first use a camera we take pictures of all the obvious things around us, landmarks, people we know, family pets, Uncle George etc. This is all a very necessary part of learning photography and after repeatedly taking these pictures, boredom starts to creep in.

If we get bored enough, we tend to look further than the obvious for our photographic subjects, hopefully encouraging us to interpret these subjects in a different manner – but, as we so often see, some people continuously take boring pictures, until they become experts at doing so.

The problem is that we all have pre-conceived ideas about how something should look, and that is what we photograph, so if we want to be creative we must drop these pre-conceptions, and start looking at things from a small child’s “innocence”.

  • What would a worm see if it looked up?
  • Spend a day taking photos of everyday things from a height of 600mm to 800mm,

You and Your Comfort Zone

postOne thing I have learnt over the years and especially so with my photography business is to step out of my comfort zone once in a while. It is all too easy for anyone to amble along through life keeping the reigns tightly held back on your hobby, job or career and settle for the easy route whilst deep inside you have a passion for running your own photography business one day!

Life is too short…

What holds most people back is the fear of failure or messing up a paying clients’ images coupled with the notion and fear of not “making it” in the world of professional photography. I also read regularly about people “not being quite ready” just yet.

These fears are hard to overcome and there is not much I or anyone else can say to make you feel like the time is right…it is never right! After all it took Thomas Edison 10,000 failures to finally perfect the light bulb (although some credit has to go to Joseph Swan, a British inventor who actually

What advice would I give my young photographer self 30+ years ago?

postBecoming successful in photography, whether personally or professionally, can seem like an uphill slog sometimes so how can you make it easier?

The main thing to remember and concentrate on is your mindset! Think like a photographer for long enough and you will become one.

Sounds strange? Well, your mind is the most powerful asset you have and can also be the most destructive. If you continuously think you cannot do something, you won’t…period! If you truly believe in yourself and stay persistent in your efforts, you can achieve anything.

Don’t be put off by naysayers or beautiful portfolios that you come across, be inspired and motivated by them.

Don’t be put off by the sheer number of photographers out there doing business all around you if you are in a built up, busy area. Just understand that it is a huge market and you can easily grab your own share if that is what you want. The more working photographers in your area, the more work that is probably available, see it as a positive thing!

DIY Weddings: The Must-Haves

One of the perks of having a DIY wedding is that you can make all the decisions about the various aspects of your celebration. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to exercise your creativity and ingenuity, and it can be lots of fun to organise. If you’re feeling a little bit nervous though, never fear: with this selection of DIY wedding must-haves you can’t go wrong!


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Your DIY Essentials

Alphabet stamps

You can easily pick these up on websites such as Etsy and they are very handy for making adorable doily place settings or for creating your wedding table plans.

Spray paint

If you are going with a particular colour scheme for your wedding and you want all your ornaments and accessories to be that colour, simply buy some cans of spray paint in your chosen shade and get spraying!

Permanent markers

These can come in handy in a variety of ways; for example, you can write adorable messages on plates, drink dispensers, candle holders… and even on the bottom of the bridal party’s shoes!

Handmade banners, decorations and signs

Get some of your friends and family

The emerging trend of maternity photography

It is only natural that you might like to cherish the special moments of your life especially when you are preparing to become a mother.  It is often assumed that having the right training in photography is sufficient for taking maternity photographs, so any professional photographer could do the job. But only if you had known the underlying specialty of this class of photography you would not hesitate to find a Los Angeles maternity photographer who can capture the special moments in the right perspective.  Maternity is the most memorable period of a woman’s life who passes through emotional upheavals as she finds a new meaning to her life that brings out an unearthly charm and glow in her appearance.  She is in the process building new relationships that would replace the existing ones and the pregnant moments are the most precious treasures that the photographer has to preserve with complete empathy and understanding.

It requires special skills

The purpose of maternity photography is not only to document the moment but also to soak the photographs with the goodness of love and emotions. This is the time when the existing relationship between partners undergoes a massive change as the space between the

Capture Memories of Wedding and Cinematographers Photographers in Mumbai at PhotoPhactory

photophactoryWeddings are an integral part of one’s life which gathers people to be at one place and be the part of the happiness the couple shares. It encompasses all people from friends and family starting from the announcements of the occasion till the wedding day followed by reception. The best way to capture all the best moments is through photography. With photography comes forward the next step of Wedding cinematography which is a series of images in motion. Motion pictures images in series give a live experience of the occasion   which makes people feel as if the proceedings are in front of the eye. Attending a wedding as a photographer and cinematographer isn’t same thing as attending the one as a guest. At Photophactory they provide expert Wedding Photographers in Mumbai. For also experiencing live wedding cinema Photophactory provide best Wedding Cinematographers in Mumbai.

Vast Assortment of Options

There are a wide variety of pertaining to albums and filmmaking to choose from the options suitable to the clients. As a wedding professional they need to capture images of the most photogenic people at the wedding

Black and White Photos to Capture the Soul

In a colour-saturated world, the power of a black and white image is undeniable…


These are the sort of adjectives that spring to mind when you look at a well-executed black and white image, whether it’s a portrait of an individual, a still-life or an action shot. But what makes a particular monochrome image stand out from the crowd and how can you achieve this with your own photography?

Tricks of the Light

Photography is, if nothing else, the manipulation of light and shadow, black and white, darkness and illumination. All photographers can learn about this from the works of the Great Masters of the art world – chiaroscuro is the term used to describe the use of strong contrasts of the light in painting, photography and cinematography. Immerse yourself in the works of Rembrandt, El Greco and Caravaggio to gain an insight as to how effective this technique can be.

Understanding correctly how to use lighting in your photography can directly affect the mood of your picture – and its impact on your audience. So how do you go about achieving these different affects?

Continuous Lighting

With a reputation